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We are manufacturers and exporters of motorbike leather garments , - gloves and - accessories since 1990 . Since 1996 we are also involved with the manufacturing of driver garments , gloves and accessories for the car racing industry . Our main credo is to produce articles which fulfill all necessary safety criteria , and to build sustainable and reliable partnerships with customers worldwide . Beside promoting our own brand , we are also open to work closely together with our business partners in regard to different styles and specifications for the respective countries .


We Are Manufacturer And Distributor Of manufacturing motorbike leather garments, gloves and accessories

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Quality is built into our products at each stage of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, they are subject to a final inspection process which includes: Comparison with a master sample to insure identity and pattern consistency. These products are designed to go flat out fast. Constructed with highly protective and abrasion resistant leather, these products will hold up great and protect you if you happen to be sliding down the race track. On most products you will find incorporated protective guards to take safety and protection up a notch and keep injuries to a minimum.


Presently we are working on the development of a new line of motorbike garments made entirely from chrome free leather . This " green line " is scheduled to be available by the end of the third quarter of 2017 . Please visit this website regularly for updates .

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